Creative inspiration

Where do you go to get inspired? Nature , library, gallery? Most of the time I wander around, searching and watching. Over the last few months I have been visiting lots of coffee shops and sitting drawing people. Once time while I sat at Soulshine cafe in Bridport, I noticed they sold magazines. At first glance they looked really expensive but after investigation this was not just any Mag, this was “Flow” a paper lovers magazine ? I had never heard of it and it magic and quality drew me in.
It’s quality and style drew me in, thick textured pages of beautiful art and artist sharing what inspires them. flow was loaded with free stickers, tags, and other fun goodies.
Well I got it and after some investigation there seems to be a wonderful trend in these Magazines mainly run by women.
When I found “Uppercase”
Well I knew I had to have it, although different the effect is the same, beautiful pages of color and wonderful story’s of women who follow there bliss. I carry the current issue in my bag and when feeling lost or flat these beautiful magazines teach, encourage and affirm the beautiful creative soul that I am. Thank you Lisa for encouraging me and Thank you for taking the time to read, hope you get inspired as well. They are worth it! Uppercase

Button up or button down?

It was the late 70s, summer and we were in Northern New Jersey and my sister were rummaging through some black bin bags that were dropped off at our house. This was not unusual, coming from a large family and we were given what we called “Hand me downs”. I’m not sure where they came from, possibly the catholic church or local support groups, they would appear at the front door . My older sisters pulled at the bags possessively, grabing brightly coloured blouses and old blue jeans, we all scrambled for our sizes. I was surprised when the oldest of my sisters, reached for a large crisp white men’s button down shirt, she carefully buttered about three up , then tied the tails in a soft knot in front, she shifted her bra fluffed her hair pulled it down so just enough showed, she looked so smart, yet casual and very sexy, I thought she looked like a movie star. In the resent article by Lair Borrell-Persson wrote about “19 Inspiring Button -Ups” I was reminded of how good it feels and looks to ware my men’s shirts with blue beans in late summer. Easy and versatile always looks good , I think I’ll head up to the charity shop and do some good while finding some useful “hand- me-downs” happy Thursday and thanks for visiting
Thanks Vogue

Palaeoscapes at Sladers yard

Went to see the exhibition of Brian Graham’s new works at the beautiful gallery , Sladers Yard at west Bay. Standing the 2nd floor of the beautiful, gallery upstairs, I was struck by the magnificent of his depiction of what he calls Palaeoscapes, a word that you will not find in the dictionary but describes perfectly the ancient weathered landscapes. His juxtapose of a modern medium with a ancient subject . Each delicately brush stroke is carefully rendered to create what only a Gods or nature can create.
His pantings seemed to pull at drawing you in to ponder the space and time. Mr Graham’s work shows his knowledge of prehistoric archeology and knowledge of elements and there interaction over many years.
In Exhibitions depicting abstract works, sometimes you can here peoples say , ” Oh I can do that “. As a curator and artist, I have heard this many times especially in New York. In this case my thoughts were mor like how did he do that, clearly a man who has walked the earth, experienced the elements and responded, by reflection it back in his elegant paintings. This exhibition is in such a wonderful setting, at a particular time when storms have ravages our coast in Dorset. You can’t help but be struck by the wonder of nature and the artist. Thank you , Sladers yard for bring us a wonderful experience.

Great Spirit

It was an early October morning , the sun beat down on my face , it’s warm and nourishing, it made me realize that I hadn’t been praying for a while.
My love of nature inspired me to pray.
My wilderness journey had ended, I could breathe easy again. I pulled the old blanket around my cold shoulders. I remembered back to when we first came out to the Sonoran desert.
One evening , I have decided to go out for a run. The sun was beginning to set and the mountains grew dark. As I came up over a hilltop I was startled by the sound of an owl. I froze in my tracks, there on top of a large sugaro cactus, a beautiful tall owl, he just looked at me and turned his head slightly. This large silhouette against the orange desert sky, purple mountains in the background was a sigh to behold.
Then before I could realize what was happening, again I heard the sound of another owl directly across on the other side of me. Frozen in my spot, I was feeling such excitement that I held my breath and just couldn’t move.
The owls called out to each other back-and-forth in the twilight. I felt so honored and knew that this was a very rare event. Suddenly without warning onne owl swooped down across the road to join the other but they pushed off into the night together. I stood silently frozen in time , was it a sign? I began to call that spot on the ridge, the gate. The experience was so powerful.
I often pray to the great spirits and the ancestors of the Indian.
I was just outside Scottsdale over the Mc Dowell mountains in Fountain Hill’s near the salt river reservation. I often ask to be useful and I ask yo be shown what to do.
One time I was blessed enough to stand up for a Indian girl in court, I walked with her in recovery for a time. I was trying to be of service and tell her what I had learned, she helped me more then you will ever know . I felt so honored to be there when the judge gave her a blanket as part of there ceremony.
I was brought up in the Catholic religion. Going to church was a large part of my younger years. Today I am just unsure what I believe. No fixed ideas right now and it seems ok for now. Mindfulness has been suggested so much lately, it is extremely calming and once again I am brought into the sun light of the spirit. There are so many different beliefs with different rituals. I have called out on many occasions in sadness or desperation. Answers come, sometimes in a strong breeze or in strange display of my higher powers sense of humor.for example a message one a license plate that said ” 4GIVE” , after having a long and difficult conversation about forgiveness. Maybe a coincidence I don’t know. One time I found a coin with writing from Isaiah it said , ” you are mine I call you by name” and this came , just after asking God to show me he was still there. It’s the age old question or was I just looking for it ? I know I’m not special , not different to anyone else, but I find power in the asking and even more in the seeking.


It all starts with a word

Sounds from our mouths are just that raw sounds. It’s when we give sound meaning, and creat words the power begins. In conversations one can communicate so much, the power of the word create thoughts.
If we speak a word does that create our reality, does saying something is good, make it so? “and let there be light and then there was light” and there was light.
Is it he who speaks the word that has the power or is the power in the word itself? The word spoken or is it the belief of the what is spoken? On an interview of a Blogger I saw yesterday on GLP Mr Fields interviews a women and she talks about the power and the high of creating her online blog. The power it has to heal or destroy it is so very interesting. Keeping a journal has taking my imagination of late. bie